Baby bandana bib Choose Your Owen Text

Baby bandana bib Choose Your Owen Text

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Two layers of 100% combed ring - spum cotton. Baby bandana bib is with sticky, to fit and remove bib with ease. Print with child safe water based INKS. Free worldwide shipping !!!

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Size chart cm inch
New born A18,5cm B30,5cm A7.3" B12"
00-03 months (50-56cm)(19.7"-22")  A19,5cm B34,5cm A7.7" B13.6"
03-06 months (62-68cm)(24.4"-26.8")  A20,5cm B38,5cm A8.1" B15.2"
06-12 months (74-80cm)(29.1"-31.5")  A21cm B40,5cm A8.3" B15.9"
12-18 months (86-92cm)(33.8"-36.2")  A21,5cm B42cm A8.5" B16.5"
18-24 months (98-104cm)(36.6"-40.9")  A23cm B44cm A9" B17.3"
Bandana bib are, absorbent- every bib is made with two layers of fabric to increase absorbency. The front and back layers is made of 100% soft organic cotton. Extra Comfortable- Bib is extra soft unlike other baby bibs that are so stiff that don't lie flat on your baby's chest and always seem to be bunched up in their face. Baby bandana is with sticky. Recommended ages: New Born - 24 months. The bib to stay in place making it hard for your baby to easily pull it off.
100% Combed ring - spum cotton
Child safe water based INKS
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100% Combed ring - spum cotton
Very good absorbent
Baby bandana is with sticky
Recommended ages: New Born-24 months
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